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“Practice management for the real world”


Too often veterinary business consultants are not transparent in their pricing. We offer a wide variety of services that you can mix and match to create the exact business support your practice needs. Review our services here then go to our pricing page to put together a package that makes financial sense for return on the dollar.


Successful recruitment of associate veterinarians requires a comprehensive action plan. Our plans include both short term and long term components. T&L Veterinary Business Consulting is happy to provide references from veterinary practice owners who have utilized our recruitment action plans.

Marketing & Social Media

Your website is your face to the world. It is where the bulk of your marketing dollars need to go. Should you outsource it to one of the many veterinary marketing companies that do this work? Should you develop a custom website from scratch? Do you want to create you own content? Purchase content? What forms should you have on your site for maximum efficiency for both you and your clients. Online stores, how to make them work for you. We guide you through the process of answering these questions to the end result of the best possible website for your practice.
Social Media can be a minefield. We train you to navigate the pitfalls and create social media to be an effective tool to bond clients to your practice. Everything from how and what to post, to the social media policy in your policy manual to client consent forms we show you how to do it right.

Staff Training and Engagement

T&L Veterinary Business Consulting offers a wide variety of staff training and team building programs. The proper training of a new practice manager is often an issue in growing practices. Often an excellent candidate for the job is promoted to practice manager from either the technician pool or the front desk. They come to the job eager to do it well but with little idea of what they should be doing. Unlike many consulting firms, T&L will train your practice manager to do the job right, lessening your need for extensive future support from consulting firms.
Staff need training on all aspects of their jobs. It is their interaction with clients that will differentiate your practice from others. Telephone techniques, handling difficult or unhappy clients are just part of the skill sets we can provide for your staff.


T&L Veterinary Business Consulting offers a wide variety of veterinary business topics suitable for all meeting sizes. From local VMAs to large national conferences T&L Veterinary Business Consultants have been there helping practice owners come away from the meeting with new ideas that lend themselves to immediate implementation.
"Creating a culture that improves practice performance was the focus of the 2018 AAEP convention in San Francisco. The Sessions began with an excellent presentation by Tracy Sheffield, who outlined the importance of a positive work environment." —Amy L. Grice, VMD, MBA EquiManagement Spring 2019

Learning from the Numbers

Evaluation of current practice numbers will not only tell you where your practice has been but what direction you need to go. The numbers will tell you everything from the effectiveness of your marketing program to how missed charges are affecting you bottom line. We will show you what numbers to look at and how to interpret them or if you would rather we will do the evaluation for you and give you a detailed report and business plan based off your numbers.

Human Resources

One of the key foundations to a successful Veterinary practice is successful human resource practices. It starts with hiring the right people, coaching and developing their skills and creating a culture where employees are engaged and highly productive. We also know that at times an employee will be unable to do what is right for the practice, when that occurs we have the skills and expertise to help you navigate the difficult waters of releasing them from your practice. We provide a wide variety of HR process’s, policies and protocols, built upon years of experience solving people issues, as well as ongoing support at the ready to provide advice and counsel.